In Free TON a unique master password – the mnemonic seed phrase consisting of twelve specific words in a specific order – is associated with every account. It is required and sufficient to access the account and the funds on it, as both the wallet address and its associated cryptographic keys are calculated based on this seed phrase.


When your account is first created in Surf, the corresponding master password is automatically generated and securely stored on your device. You cannot create your own password nor can you change it.


To make working with Surf more convenient, you are not required to enter the master password for every action – you will set up an alternative security method at wallet setup (PIN Code, biometrics) and while you are logged into your account, this method will be used for all actions requiring confirmation in Surf.


However, if you log out of your account, or delete the app, only your master password can be used to restore your access.


We strongly (cannot emphasize this enough!) recommend for you to write your master password down on paper, perhaps on several separate pieces of paper, and store them in a secure place. Never share it with any person or any app you do not trust with full access to your account.


If you lose your master password, you will lose access to your Surf account (wallet) forever! We do not store master passwords or PINs, or biometric data and cannot restore them.


The master password cannot be changed. If you accidentally send it to someone or suspect that fraudsters have stolen it, urgently create a new Surf account (wallet), transfer all your funds to it, and save the new master password.


By default, the master password is stored only on your device (smartphone, tablet, PC or other device).


View it under SettingsSafety protectionMaster password.


Note, that while making a mistake in the master password will lead to Surf opening a different, empty account, the probability of such a mistake is low. When generating master passwords, Surf uses a preselected dictionary of words that are chosen to be easily distinguishable from each other even in handwriting, and always checks the password against this dictionary as you enter it.


More information about security in Surf you can find at