The native Everscale blockchain token is now called Ever. The token was previously called Crystal (TON Crystal or TON) but was renamed during a rebranding in November 2021.

It is in Ever that you pay all fees for transactions in Surf. EVER token is a fungible.

You can also receive, send and store the following Everscale tokens in Surf:

  • TIP-3 — other fungible Everscale tokens. They can be issued by any project or blockchain user.

  • Ruby (TON Ruby) — Everscale test token. It has no value and is used to test smart contracts on the testnet.

  • TNFT (True NFT) — non-fungible Everscale tokens. They can contain images stored directly on the blockchain and can be combined into collections.

You can find Ever exchange rate on coinmarketcap or directly in Surf.

To select the currency in which, in addition to Ever, your Surf Wallet account amount will be displayed:

  1. On the main screen of the application, tap the Surf icon in the upper left corner.

  2. Tap Advanced settings.

  3. Tap Currencies.

  4. On the currencies screen, select the desired currency. Currently, there are Dollars, Euros, Ether, and Bitcoin available.