Surf is an all-in-one crypto wallet, blockchain browser and secure chat. Surf is your go-to interface to TON OS and the Free TON Blockchain.

Surf is already available in the Apple Store, in Google Play and Web; also you can try a test version available in TestFlight, Testing Apps or Web beta version. Watch for updates!

At the moment the following features are available in Surf for all testers:

  • Crypto Wallet
  • Staking
  • Mainnet with TON Crystals 
  • Developer mode with a separate test blockchain ( and test coins called Rubies 
  • Coin transfers (send coins to your contacts, directly to other addresses, or receive coins)
  • Encrypted or public comments to transfers
  • Chat (text, stickers)
  • Contact list (Surf contacts, synchronization with your phone contacts)
  • DeBots browser (Multisigniture wallet, DePools, Declaration of Decentralization)
  • Several bots that can assist you in any tasks in Surf (Chain Rider)
  • Support team acting through Assistant chat
  • A number of security features that protect your account (encryption, PIN and seed phraseFace ID/Touch ID)

More features are under development. Eventually Surf should have everything you need to securely and effectively interact with the Free TON blockchain.