Important notes

The Gift cards minimum purchase is currently $15 and maximum — $250.

Please pay attention that this is an alpha version of a Gift Cards service, and we still test how it is working. If you face any issues while using it, leave your comments in the Ever Surf EN group using #gift hashtag.

Sign Up and Log In

First, you need to sign up at There are two ways you can do this: using your email or phone.

Click Login/Setup, enter you email address and then click Send me Email.

Sign up link will be sent to your email address. Open the email and follow the link in it to finish your registration.

If you want to sign up with your phone number, please switch the sign up form by clicking Log In with SMS.

Choose your country, enter your phone number and click Send me SMS. Enter the received code to finish your registration.

Choose a gift card

If you already know what card you want to gift, use Search to easily find it among the variety of cards. You can search by brand name, name of the product, filter cards by category or find all cards available in your country:

When you find the card you need, click on it and specify the card balance. You can also specify the cards quantity — up to 19 cards in one go.

When you specify card balance and quantity, click Add to Cart.


Click Proceed to Payment and you will get payment details. Don’t close the page with payment details until you pay.

If you click this button before sending a payment, your order will be displayed in My cards as Processing.

Open the Ever Surf app and click Send. Copy the payment details: address to the To field, amount to the Amount field and comment to the Comment or Memo field:

Click Confirm and Send. Return to gift card site.  Make sure you click the button Click here after you’ve sent the payment.

If you’ve accidentally closed a page with the payment details, open My cards and click PROCESSING to show all the payment info again.

Don’t hurry. You have 1 hour to send Evers until payment time period expires.

Wait a couple of minutes after the payment, until your gift card is ready. You’ll receive a SMS or an email depending on your way you’ve signing in.

When you receive the message/email, status will change to Success. Click Show Giftcards to see your Gift Card code or a link to download a PDF.

Click the link to download a PDF or copy a Gift Card Code.

Gift Card codes may look like this:

You can use it yourself or send it as a gift to your beloved ones. To activate the gift card code, follow the Redeem instructions, published on the page of the card or printed in the PDF.