A number of DeBots are already available in Surf.

- Multisig DeBot lets you manage wallets with multiple custodians

- DePool DeBot helps you stake and participate in validation

- Chain Rider grants you test tokens Rubies

To open any of them, tap the Browse DeBots bar on the main Surf screen.

Several DeBots known to Surf are already available there, but many more can be found through the search bar, if you know their addresses. 

Search for, or select a DeBot you are interested in.

First Surf warns that all DeBots are third party services. You should always be careful about what information you provide to DeBots.

After you confirm that you have read the warning, the DeBot launches and begins a dialogue with you.

You typically have a few options to choose from when interacting with various DeBots.

When entering an address of a contract to interact with you can choose one of the following:

- Selecting My Crystals (My Rubies in Developer mode) always enters the address of your main Surf wallet.

- Select asset allows you to choose one of the asset addresses stored in TON Surf. This feature is in development.

- Enter manually lets you enter an address manually

- Scan QR code lets you enter an address by scanning a QR code. QR codes for various contracts such as DePools can be found on ton.live.

For example, when launching DePool, you should either enter its address manually, or scan its QR code on ton.live.

Usually after receiving the address of a contract to access in some form, DeBot displays the relevant information of the chosen contract and offers a few ways of interacting with it.

In case of DePool, your options are Stake and View rounds.

In case of Multisig, you can Submit transactionConfirm transaction, if there are any unconfirmed transactions in the wallet, or Show custodians. 

You select one of the options and follow the instructions provided by the DeBot to achieve your goal.

DeBot can read and display publicly available information of the contract it works with without performing any signed transactions.

However, when any funds have to be spent or transferred, DeBot usually displays a summary of the action you are about to perform, and asks you to confirm it.

And after you confirm it, you will be asked to sign it with your keys to the contract you are working with (for example, when creating a transaction in Multisig DeBot, or when making a stake in DePool DeBot). 

Currently you have two ways of signing an action.

- Sign with Surf uses the private key from your main Surf wallet. You'll have to use the Lock method you have set up for Surf to sign.

- Enter key lets you enter any other private key manually.

Once you sign a transaction, the DeBot will display transaction summary and ask for a final confirmation:

If you confirm, DeBot performs the transaction and reports its success. 

Exiting a DeBot with the button in the top left corner of the DeBot screen doesn't end your current session. You will be able to continue where you left off. 

You can also view additional information about the DeBot and restart it by pressing the button with the DeBot icon in the top right corner of the DeBot screen.