If you want to save time and start earning from staking right now, use the Surf staking service. In this case, Surf will select the optimal and most reliable DePool for you. The procedure of using the staking service is safe and available, even to beginners.

Your deposit in Surf staking cannot be less than 100.5 Crystals, and your account balance after sending must not be less than 0.5 Crystals. The remainder is required to pay for the staking service messages and, if necessary, to pay for transactions for the return of Crystals. 

To deposit your funds in staking via Surf service:

  1. Tap the Earn staking rewards  card on the main screen of the application, or tap Assets Balance → Services → Staking.
  2. Tap Stake
  3. Confirm the action with a PIN, fingerprint, or face recognition.

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