If you want to start earning from staking without going into details, you can use the Surf staking service. Surf will select the optimal and most reliable DePool for you.

It's safe and simple, even for beginners. The only condition of using the Surf staking service is your deposit must be at least 100.5 Evers.

Please, also, note your account balance after sending must not be less than 0.5 Evers. The remainder is required to pay for the staking service messages and, if necessary, to pay for transactions for the return of Evers. 

To deposit your Evers via Surf staking service:

  1. On the main screen, tap the Earn staking rewards card. 
  2. Tap Stake 
  3. Specify how much Evers do you want to stake. 
  4. Confirm the action with a PIN code, by scanning your fingerprint or using facial recognition.

Read more about how to deposit tokens in staking using DeBot.