If you are an experienced user and want to deposit Crystals in a specific DePool, you can use the staking DeBot. In this case, you are responsible for selecting the DePooland the procedure is suitable for experienced users.

  1. Tap the Browse DeBots search box on the main screen
  2. Select  ß-staking  DeBot
  3. On the DeBot dialog screen, you can manually enter the DePool address that you have chosen for staking in 2 ways:
    • Tap  Paste address  and in the dialog box paste the copied DePool address. The DePool address can be found at ton.live/depools
    • Tap  Scan QR-code — scan the QR-code with the DePool address. The DePool QR-code can be found at ton.live/depools.
  4. You can choose a random DePool from over 400 options. To do this, tap Find random. Read carefully the characteristics of the DePool you choose.
  5. Tap Make a stake. Each DePool has its minimum stake. The balance on your account after sending must be more than 0.5 Crystals. 
  6. Confirm the action using a PIN, fingerprint, or face recognition.

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