If you have some staking experience, you can stake your Evers wisely using a Debot.

Staking via Debot allows you to choose by yourself a specific Depool you want to stake based on your preferences and experience. But, at the same time, you also take the risk of your choice. That's why we recommend this only for experienced users.

If you are a beginner, read how to stake using the Surf staking service.

Launch Everstaking Debot

  1. At the bottom of the main app screen, tap
  2. On the Debots screen, select Everstaking.The Debot lauched.

Find a specific Depool

If you already know a specific Depool you want to stake to, you can specify it in the Debot by scanning its QR code or entering its address. You can find Depools QR codes and addresses at https://ever.live/depools.

  1. On the Everstaking Debot screen, select Choose by myself.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • If you have the Debot QR code, select Scan QR code and point the camera at this QR code.
    • If you have the Debot address, select Paste address and paste the previously copied address into the entry field.

Debot displays a detailed information about the Depool you chose.

Choose from Top 10 Depools

If you don't know a specific Depool to stake to, you can check the top 10 most performed Depools and choose among them. Debot displays you the list of Depools arranged by the highest yield and the amount of Evers available to stake there.

  1. On the Everstaking Debot screen, select See the Top Depools.
    Debot displays you the first 5 Depools from the Top list.
  2. If you want to view the next 5, select More...
  3. Select Depool to see detailed information about it.

Find a random Depool

If you don't want to spend time choosing the Depool, you can stake into a random one.

  1. On the Everstaking Debot screen, select Choose by myself.
  2. Select Find random.

Debot finds you the Depool and displays its detailed information. If you don't like the suggested Depool, you can choose another one from the Top 10.

Make a stake

When you check all the Depool details and came with the best, time to stake your Evers.

  1. Under Depool details, select Make a stake
  2. Enter the amount you want to stake.
  3. Confirm the transaction by entering your PIN code.

Well done! You made a stake using the Debot.

View your stakes

You can check all active stakes you have across Depools.

On the Everstaking Debot screen, select Show my stakes.

Debot displays the list of Depools you staked to and the amount of each stake. You can view the detailed information and your approximate reward for a specific stake by selecting it.

Still have questions left? Watch a short instructional video how to stake using Debot.