If you already have a staking experience  and want to deposit Evers (formerly TON Crystals) in a specific DePool, you can use the staking DeBot. In this case, you are responsible for selecting the DePooland the procedure is suitable for experienced users.

  1. On the main screen, tap the Browse Debots field.
  2. Select ß-staking DeBot.
  3. Specify the DePool address that you have chosen for staking in 2 ways:

    • Select Paste address and paste previously copied DePool address. You can find the list of DePool addresses at ton.live/depools
    • Select Scan QR-code and scan the QR-code of DePool. You can also find DePool QR-codes at ton.live/depools.
  4. If you want to stake to a random DePool, select Find random. DeBot randomly selects one DePool among existing. Read carefully the characteristics of this DePool.
  5. When you decide what, select Make a stake.
  6. Enter how much you want to stake. Note, that each DePool has a minimum stake amount and your stake cannot be less. Also, your account balance should remain at least 0.5 Evers after you make a stake.
  7. Confirm the action using a PIN code, by scanning your fingerprint or using facial recognition. 

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