You can withdraw funds from staking by using the Staking DeBot. It allows you to withdraw funds deposited both using it and Surf staking service. (Read more how to withdraw Crystals using Surf service)

  1. Tap the Browse DeBots search box on the main screen
  2. Select ß-staking staking DeBot  
  3. On the DeBot dialog screen, you can manually enter the DePool address that you have chosen for staking in 2 ways:
    • Tap Paste address and in the dialog box paste the copied DePool address. The DePool address can be found at
    • Tap Scan QR-code — scan the QR-code with the DePool address. The DePool QR-code can be found at
  4. If you click Show my stakes, you can select DePool from the suggested list in which you have already placed stakes.
  5. Tap Withdraw stake to withdraw your Crystals.
  6. Confirm the action with a PIN, fingerprint, or face recognition.