When depositing Crystals to staking, you can rely on Surf to make your choice (How to take part in staking read here) or choose DePool by yourself. To make the best choice, carefully read the parameters of the DePool. To do this, tap on the Earn staking rewards card on the main screen of the application, or tap Assets Balance Services Staking.

The following characteristics are available for DePools:

  • Estimated annual reward — the average annual amount of income from staking as a percentage of the stake. The parameter is the same for any DePool in the Free TON network and is on average 5.8%.
  • Reward fee — the fee that DePool charges for the provision of the service, expressed as a percentage of the reward. In Surf DePool, the fee is 8%. In other DePools, it can be from 1% to 99%. Attention. DePool, which charges a 99% fee from your income, will leave you with only 1% of the possible reward.
  • Lock-up period — the maximum time for withdrawing your Crystals from staking. The parameter is the same for any Free TON DePool and is 54 hours or 3 validation cycles. 
  • Age — the total time DePool has participated in staking, measured in the number of 18-hour validation cycles. For example a DePool that runs for 200 rounds looks more reliable than one that runs for 20 rounds.
  • Successful rounds — the number of passed rounds in which the validator, to which DePool is linked, completed its work, in relation to the total number of rounds in which he took part. The most important parameter characterizing the work of the validator. Optimally 100% of successful rounds.
  • Members — the number of all depositors in the DePool.
  • Balance — the total amount of all Crystals deposited in the DePool.
  • Reward paid — the total reward in Crystals, paid to DePool depositors.
  • Assurance — the amount of personal funds the DePool validator leaves as collateral when validating the blockchain. The higher the amount, the safer your funds are. The penalty for the poor performance of the validator is applied first to its funds, and only if this amount is not enough, the rest of the penalty is removed in equal shares from the depositors staking. (Read more about the risks of taking part in the staking).
  • Available pool — how many Crystals can still be invested in DePool. Surf will not accept a higher stake. At the same time, if you use staking DeBot, you can stake a larger amount of money. However, in this case, your income from staking will be lower because the excess part of the stake will not be taken into account when calculating the reward.
  • Min. stake — the minimum possible deposit amount in DePool. In Surf, it is 100.5 Crystals.

For more characteristics of each of the over 400 DePools, visit ton.live/depools.