Security Card for Free TON is a hardware NFC smart card that can be configured for your own tasks. You can find more about the Security Cards at

You can order a Card via the Surf by Security Card DeBot. Please make sure you have an active wallet in Surf and a sufficient amount of TON Crystals on it. If you need to top up your balance you can do it directly in Surf or buy TONs on exchanges.

During the test period of Security Cards, the DeBot address is available only to members of the closed Telegram group. You can buy anywhere from 2 to 10 cards. This will allow you to use one card to restore your wallet, in case the main card gets lost.

Shipping is free. However, you are fully responsible for additional taxes and customs duties.

After receiving your Security Cards, you need to activate it and create a multisig account with the Cards. Note: The Cards can only be activated from the wallet used to purchase them.

If you have any questions, please contact the Surf Support team. Our assistants will help you.

Let’s place an order: 

1. Open Surf on your iOS or Android smartphone, or on the web.

2. In the Browse DeBots field, enter the address of the Security Card Manager DeBot and launch it. For the testing period: the address of the DeBot can be found in a pinned message in the secret Telegram group.

3. Follow the DeBot instructions. Firstly read and accept the Terms and other legal notes.

4. Select Buy security card.

5. Specify how many cards you want to order.

6. Confirm the total purchase amount, which includes contracts deployment fees and the cost of the cards. 

When you place an order the DeBot deploys 2 smart contracts:

  • userTracking, stores data for delivery, activation and recovery.

  • userAcquiring, responsible for the card purchase, records additional details of the purchase order.

The contracts are deployed once. It costs 2 TON Crystals + blockchain fees. For the next purchases from the same wallet, no deployment is required.

7. Confirm transactions for each deploying contract.

8. Enter information for Card delivery using Latin letters. Special characters (space, period, comma, hyphen, slash/, and underscore) are also allowed.

    - First Name

    - Last Name

    - Street and house number

    - Apartment

    - City

    - Postcode (ZIP)

    - Country. During the test period, please specify the alpha-2 country code. List of codes you can find here:

    - Phone number. Write in the international format as +xxxx...

Shipping time depends on the place of delivery and varies from 2 to 6 weeks. We are working on an express delivery option so you can get your cards much faster!

Due to legal and technical restrictions, delivery to some countries and regions may not be available

9. Verify the entered information and confirm it. If you notice a mistake, you can enter the data again.

10. Confirm the transaction for saving the information in the userTracking contract.

11. Pay for the Cards.

12. Confirm and sign the transaction.

At the end of the purchase, additional order details should be added to the userAcquiring contract.

Congratulations, you have bought Security Cards!

Now you can check the status of your orders. Select ‘Buy security card’ again -> Show order status.

The order can have the following statuses: CREATED -> PAYMENT AUTHORIZED -> PAYMENT CAPTURED.

After the order has been placed, you can view the shipment statuses anytime via Buy security card -> Show shipments. 

There are two shipping statuses: SHIPMENT_CREATED -> SHIPMENT_SENT. 

A tracking link will be also available to you during a couple DeBot releases.

After receiving your Security Cards, you need to activate it and create a multisig account with the Cards. 

Note: The Cards can only be activated from the wallet used to purchase them.