After you receive your Security Card, you need to activate it. For activation, you can use only the same wallet in Surf you previously used to order the Card. Activation using other wallets is impossible.

After your Cards were shipped, the service created a Security Card contract for each of them. This contract stores the data needed to check the integrity of the Card, activate it and pay for these transactions. Only you can access this contract.

To activate your Card, you’ll also need the help of Security Card Manager DeBot (you’ve used it to order your Card). The DeBot activates Card in two stages:

- Check the integrity of the Card
The DeBot prepares data to start the integrity check: verifies the card status (activated/not activated) and gets the Card's serial number. When everything is prepared, the DeBot starts the integrity check of the Card.

- Activation itself

When the integrity check is successfully completed, the DeBot automatically starts the activation of the Card. The Card status changes to Activated.

Note: You can activate the Card only using an NFC smartphone with the Surf app installed and signed in to your wallet. Unfortunately, activation via the Surf web version is not supported.

To activate the Security Card:

1. Open Surf on your smartphone running iOS/ Android.

2. Tap the Browse DeBots field.

3. Launch the Security Card Manager DeBot in one of the following ways:

- In the Enter DeBot address field, enter the address of the DeBot.

- Select DeBot from the list of previously launched ones.

4. Confirm the DeBot launch.

5. Select Activation security card.

6. Place your card on the table, and your smartphone on it, as shown below:

If the Card is already activated, you will see the following message:

7. Wait for the DeBot to get the address of the SecurityCard contract, created when you order your Card, and start the card integrity verification.

If you have problems with reading the Card with your smartphone, the DeBot displays an error. Lift the phone and tap it to the Card again.

8. Sign and confirm the transaction launching the integrity check of the Card.

9. If the contract doesn’t respond to you, click Yes to update the information.

10. The DeBot proceeds to activation. Place the phone back on your Card.

11. Sign and confirm the transaction launching Card activation.

Congratulations! You have activated your Security Card. 

Now you can use it to deploy a Multisig wallet.

If you leave your Card inactivated, its delivery status will remain SHIPMENT_RECEIVED or other statuses, which can be viewed here (you can check the status by selecting Buy Card in the DeBot).