After you have created a wallet, you need to activate it. This is a one-time procedure, and Surf will do it automatically if you have a positive balance in your wallet.

If you do not have Crystals on your balance, you can activate the wallet for free through Activation DeBot. The Activation DeBot sends 0.07 Crystals to your wallet, which are immediately used by Surf to activate the wallet.

To activate a wallet through Activation DeBot:

  1. Launch Activation DeBot:

        At launch, the DeBot will check whether your wallet has been activated and report it.

  1. Read the terms of use in the DeBot dialog and confirm your agreement.

  2. Click Get welcome TON’s

  3. Click Confirm to receive Crystals for activation.

  4. Confirm your action with a PIN, fingerprint or face recognition.

Your wallet has been activated. After that, DeBot will offer you a procedure for backing up your seed phrase.

DeBot takes Crystals from the reward that Surf receives for staking their funds. Such a mechanism is possible due to the fact that Surf transferred their Crystals to staking. Activation DeBot takes from this reward the amount required to activate a new wallet.