The Surf Security Card is an NFC card that allows you to sign multisig profile transactions.

To verify a transaction with your Security Card, all you have to do is hold it against your NFC-enabled device.

The card is primarily designed to store your cryptographic keys for signing, and also has 120 kilobytes of memory to which you can write any information, such as a profile seed phrase or your bank card details. 

The card has a standard payment card size (ISO 7810 ID-1) and is built on the SE CC EAL 6+ chip. 

Thanks to the open-source SDK, you can program your own functionality for the Surf Safety Card.

To use the Security Card, you need to do the following steps:

  1. Order a Security Card.

  2. Activate the Security Card.

  3. Deploy a wallet in which you can sign transactions using the Security Card.

You can find more about the Security Cards at